Friday, August 9, 2013

Jaguar V8 Timing Chain Kit Installation

By Nita McKinney

Installing a Jaguar V8 timing chain kit can be easily done. The parts can be purchased on the Internet for much lower prices than going to an autobody shop. But it is vital to know what you need to make a wise purchase. Those who seek to install this on their own, rather than hiring a mechanic, should know what they are doing. But inexperienced individuals should hire a mechanic for this type of installation.

A number of details are involved with this sort of mechanical installation. It is directly connected with the engine of the care therefore it is vital to be certain the in job is done the right way. A lot of cars have 4-stroke gas engines that can use these kits.

The combustion process involves the intake compression, overall power and exhaust stroke. The mechanical timing involves the interplay between the camshaft and crankshaft rotation. If this is not working correctly, the engine will not function properly.

These parts cause a connection between the camshaft and the crankshaft. These mechanical parts are not detectable when the car hood is open. These parts are placed beneath covers that protect them from damage. These covers protect the parts from dirt and debris that could ruin the components.

If this is not installed correctly the engine compression gets too low. This results in engine damage. Whenever the camshaft or crankshaft times out, the car's engine will not run. Regardless of the amount of power the car receives, the engine cannot function properly.

These parts look very similar to what is found on a bicycle, but they are kept much cleaner. This is a mechanical part that is known to last for a very long time. There are a few automobile manufacturers that recommend replacing them according to mileage or certain intervals but many others suggest this part will last up until the life of the vehicle. This all depends on the actual model of the vehicle. If this part where to break, it will severely damage the surrounding engine parts.

This part comes with tensioners that prevent it from shifting in the car. The tensioners are controlled by engine oil pressure. If the oil pressure gets too low, then the vehicle will malfunction. The engine will not perform correctly causing the car to shut down. The car has to be properly maintained and oil levels should be checked regularly.

If this part malfunctions, several things can occur. Should this happen while the vehicle is moving at slow speeds, then this part tends to shift around under the cover. This malfunction usually does not cause any major damage to the engine. Installing a new part will fix this problem. But if the part breaks apart during high speeds, it will shift rapidly beneath the cover ruining the other parts near the engine.

A number of mechanics specialize in Jaguar V8 timing chain kit installation. Adhering to maintenance schedules is extremely important. The oil and spark plugs will need to be changed regularly. It is essential to locate a good mechanic to do this job. There are car owners that choose to do this job on their own. However, if it is installed incorrectly, the engine will be destroyed.

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